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The wow factor that hand tied hair extension provides is an undetectable wefted hair piece that are added by sewing onto a micro beaded base, meaning the finished product is thinner, more flexible when applied to the head.


The process is taking several tracks of the hair, sewn them together (based on the clients needs & hair thickness) and linked into hair using tiny micro links. For additional security, we sew through each link to ensure the hair remains in its place. The wefts are sewn into the beads attached to the clients natural hair, creating a seamless stitch along the sectioned hairline.

Unlike other extension methods, there is no heat, glue or tape involved. This method is strictly a sew method, which helps keep the integrity of your natural hair. All of hand-tied extensions are 100% human hair. Therefore, the hair can be colored, dyed, curled, etc.

 Hand Tied Hair Extension:  

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